Monday, October 19, 2009

The Door Within Review - Blog Kickoff!

There are a lot of great authors out there....and there are a lot of great stories penned by such authors. I have had the pleasure of reading both great, and awful, books in my short time here on earth.

And after becoming well associated with Blogger I decided I'd start a book reviews blog.

Thus Books for the Kingdom

To start I thought I'd post my review for The Door Within Book one of the trilogy bearing its name.

I was first introduced to TDW by a friend, who doesn't particularly like me...but was kind enough to lead me to these books. To be honest it was the cover art for the third book, The Final Storm, that helped draw me into the books. And from there, it was the master storytelling of Mr. Wayne Thomas Batson.

Listen to an excerpt from the beginning of the book. Just a few pages in;

There are passages and doors
And realms that lie unseen
There are roads both wide and narrow
And no avenue between
Doors remain closed for those
Who in sad vanity yet hide
Yet when belief is chosen
The key appears inside
What is lived now will soon pass
And what is not will come to be
The Door Within must open for one to truly see
Do you see?
Believe and enter

Tell me that doesn't draw you in? It certainly drew me!

The story continues telling the tale of Aidan Thomas, who is forced to move halfway across the country his will, in his parents' attempt to support his aging grandfather. Aidan isn't your average hero, which makes him so awesome. He's nothing special. Just a non-athletic, c-average, kid.

But when three scrolls hiding in his grandfather's basement beckon Aidan into a new and dangerous world the boy has no choice other than to take a step of faith and enter.

Now, in a new and mysterious world, Aidan sets out as the Twelfth Knight of an elite unit with one simple mission--defeat the forces of darkness and set all eyes to the King.

And that's the gist of it. It's just AMAZING. It's intense, hilarious, soothing, and filled with truth. Did I mention that it's just a plain fun read too?

Mr. Batson has a CS Lewis-style writing voice--one that sounds like he's actually there...telling you the story. But not only is he telling, he's brought along to the campfire a windscreen TV with virtual reality capabilities. AKA, you feel like you're IN the story.

The Door Within is a great allegory to the Gospel and as with any such story is an excellent way to spread the Word in a nonthreatening manner.

So, ship the book off to a friend in need that likes awesome Fantasy, or just read the book yourself!

It's well worth the read!

Happy reading guys! Look for more posts like this in the future. Whether people read this or not I'll be posting :D

Maybe a giveaway every once in a while ;)

Next week ::hint hint:: lol