Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Lion Vrie

Late last night, around midnight or so, I finished reading one of the best books I've ever read--Christopher Hopper's The Lion Vrie, book two of The White Lion Chronicles. I sat myself down and vowed not to move again until the book was finished, as it turned out...I had no problem doing so.

The Lion Vrie, and all of TWLC for that matter, is a story rich with fantasy. Deep histories, worlds, themes, languages, characters--it's all there. And I read at least 400 pages of the book last night, nonstop reading. It's that good.

Here is my formal review;

Taking up where he left off, Christopher Hopper embarks on a tale beginning in destruction and ending in destruction. The world of Dionia is in ruins, their Kings have all fallen, and even the Most High has seemingly abandoned them. Morgui’s power is growing, his might spreading to the remotest parts of the land. The fallen one’s plan extends deep into Earth, as the Only Son prepares to lay His life down.

It is at this point, the weakest in all of the world’s time, that the Order of the White Lion—The Lion Vrie—reveal themselves.

Pick up this book, and enter another world. Christopher Hopper is by far the best world-builder since Tolkien. Matching, if not surpassing him, in languages, cultures, history, morality, characters, and more! The terror is real, the hope is powerful, and the love will bring you to tears. Laugh-out-loud-in-the-face-of-danger style humor and eloquence only the ancient world can bring.

The villains are wretchedly evil, it made me sick. And the heroes are immensely loyal, men and women of God, courageous in the site of hell itself, and broken servants of the Most High God.

Read this book, and come face to face with the true Maker of this world. Be prepared for your life to be changed. Join the Lion Vrie.

Oh yeah, and be prepared to storm Mr. Hopper’s home. He wrote one heck of a cliff hanger!
A few of my friends and I joke around in saying that we are going to raid CH's house! lol The ending truly leaves one hanging and the story is so deep it is just begging to be finished!

Dionia is such a real world, as said in the last review, it is hard to sum up. Much of the greatest story lines I cannot reveal as they are major spoilers. The entire book is a grand discovery. I guess you'll have to take my word for it--you will love this and all of Christopher Hopper's works!


Araken said...

I've been trying to find Hopper's books for a while, but they aren't at Family Christian. Does one have to order them online?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Arken, I too have yet to find them in a store. I know that they are available on Amazon.com as well as direct from Christopher's website I think.

I'd direct you to Christopher if you have any more questions. I would say online is the only thing to do right now. I'm in your area, and i"ve never seen 'em lol