Monday, December 7, 2009

Rise of the Dibor

I finished this book late last night, staying up to read by the light of my bed's Christmas lights, and I can tell you this--had there been 100 more pages to read I'd likely have stayed up into the next morning to finish the book. It was spectacular.

As always, here is my formal review (the one I will be posting on Amazon, CB, Books a Million, etc);

A world of innoceance: a perfect world, perfect leaders, perfect love, and
a perfect relationship with the Great God. A world still within the bounds of
Athera [Heaven] without any knowledge of the sin that has corrupted Earth and
the other worlds. This world is called Dionia, and is crafted by the expert pen
of Christopher Hopper.

Luik is the son of a king, just hitting his teenage years, and is
thrown into a world of chaos, tempting fears, and evil. He willingly enters all
of this, stepping out into a select group of warriors, defenders, brothers,
known as the Dibor [DIE-bor]. After making this decision to serve the Most High
God as one of the Dibor, Luik is sent hurtling through battles (physical and
spiritual), training, and the destruction of all he holds dear.

There is so much in this story to sum up in only one review. Dionia is
truely a complete world. This is not some trivial fantasy, not even close,
Dionia is the most real fantasy world I've ever seen written second only to
Middle-Earth. Though Dionia may always win my heart. The language of the people
is beautiful, their innoceance and faith does one describe a
reality? Dionia is not fiction. Mr. Hopper has convinced me of its reality.

Rise of the Dibor is an excellently penned story of love, loyalty, courage,
good versus evil, and mankind's ability (or lack thereof) to resist temptation.
ROTD teaches that with faith all things are possible, even should the hordes of
Hell assail you. Wretchedly twisted villians, truthfully honorable and fearless
heroes--this is the story of a lifetime.

Step into Dionia and be forever changed, I have changed after reading
this--and for the better.

That review, as I said, does not compare to the book. The story is a true one, or reads as such. It is so believable I'm not sure the review does it justice.

I hope you all go out and buy this book, or at least get your hands on a copy and read it. And have The Lion Vrie handy, you'll want to pick up it.

Cliff hanger ending!

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