Sunday, January 3, 2010

Swords of the Six

Swords of the Six is the first book of what will be a seven book epic series entitled "The Sword of the Dragon". Having met the author, as well as what I've gleaned from the tale, the story seems to play a prequel kind of role in the story of the series. And it is all the more entertaining for it.

The story follows six sisters and more specifically the youngest, Dantress. These sisters are given six ancient swords that were misused by their former masters to slay the innocent. The dragon father of the sisters tells them that the swords must be redeemed with the blood of the traitors, and the world must be purged of their evil. To start, the six young girls are to hunt down the one of the traitors and offer him a pardon. Should he not accept the offer, he must be killed.

The fantasy elements in this story, Scott Appleton's world building skills, and simply the writing are marvelous. Rusted swords, a righteous dragon, a fiery blade, a fallen dragon, an orphaned boy, and six sisters bound by prophecy. This is the tale of Swords of the Six, and it is only the doorstep of the epic series to come. I foresee these books outdoing Harry Potter, and rivaling the effect that The Lord of the Rings had on many a generation. It certainly has the potential.

Scott Appleton can write a world that makes you forget the one you live in, and then when you return to normal life leaves you asking questions. If you like a story that makes you think, a story that submerges you into a real world, you will love The Sword of the Dragon series.


Hope_princess said...

Your post really makes me want to read it now.
But I'm reading three books at the I think I'll wait a while before finding this book at my library. :-)

I really like your blog.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Princess, the book really is pretty sweet :) In fact, it will shortly be printed in a new edition by AMG Publishers (the people who printed Dragons in Our Midst, etc).

So you've plenty of time to get it :)

Also, this is just my book review blog. My main blog can be found at

Glad you like it!